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Mabrooka Slovakia Soap

Monthly Subscription for Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Collection

Monthly Subscription for Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Collection

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 You will receive this group on a monthly basis and provide greater savings (save your time and money)

Stop the clock and restore your skin's youthfulness with Mabrooka's organic anti-wrinkle products
And old age. These products work together around the clock to fight aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while clearly promoting healthy skin

How it works:  Our anti-wrinkle and anti-aging range is able to repair the layers of the skin to support recovery from the signs of aging. After a lot of intense and careful research, exceptional recipes containing the finest and rarest natural ingredients have been produced to give you a very effective and completely safe anti-aging routine. This set fights the five signs of skin aging such as dryness, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin discolouration and loss of skin firmness.

How to use the group

 Wash your face with frankincense soap , Moroccan blue indigo soap , Aker Fassi  soap , or sage soap , because this type of natural soap/wash will help your skin get rid of free radicals and prepare it to receive the rest of the products.       

Apply a little frankincense/natural collagen serum on your cheeks and forehead and spread it with your hand or with a Gua Sha stone (a natural stone approved internationally for facial massage).   

Spread a little  frankincense butter  on your fingers and start applying it to your face, then follow the steps for massaging the face with a guasha stone (the method is fully stated in the product image)

This routine will restore your skin's freshness and activity  

This group consists of: -

Three (3) bars of soap -
 (The soap pieces will be replaced on a monthly basis based on an annual plan to achieve successful results)
Milk scrub for the face -
Frankincense Nourishing Serum -
Frankincense butter for the face -
Frankincense deodorant -
soap dish -

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Who is this set for: 

 Ideal for those with normal to oily skin, and also ideal for those who are concerned about pigmentation, clogged pores, and skin dullness.