Fighting Animals Testing

Mabrooka's Core Ethic: Against Animal Testing, Since Day One

At Mabrooka, we've been fighting against animal testing since before we even opened our doors, and that fight continues today. We strongly believe that animal testing is not only unethical but also poor science, with results that often don't translate well to humans.

For this reason, we prioritize the safety and effectiveness of our products through testing on consenting human volunteers. We also utilize in vitro testing methods, which involve human cell cultures and microbiology, to ensure product quality.

Mabrooka stands firm against animal testing in all forms. We never test our finished products on animals and only source materials from suppliers who share this commitment. This means we avoid ingredients containing animal derivatives unsuitable for vegetarians, and we prioritize suppliers who haven't conducted, commissioned, or been involved in animal testing after our cut-off date of May 1st, 2014

Exceptions may exist due to unavoidable regulations like the UK and EU REACH requirements (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of Chemicals). In such cases, we actively encourage these suppliers to adopt alternative, non-animal testing methods and contribute to the development of such advancements.

Our commitment to this ethical policy is evident since Mabrooka's inception. Our founders established this principle in 2010, even before launching Mabrooka in 2014. This core value has remained unwavering ever since.

Mabrooka's animal testing policy is clear: we will never test our final products on animals, and we will only source ingredients from suppliers who follow the same principle. We celebrate the 2014 full implementation of the EU Cosmetics Directive, which prohibits the manufacturing and marketing of animal-tested cosmetics within Europe. As a global company operating in 40 countries, we strive for similar strong legislation worldwide. Our fight against animal testing will continue until it becomes a thing of the past, not just regionally, but on a global scale.

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