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Mabrooka: Happy People Making Happy Products

At Mabrooka, we believe in joyful people crafting joyful products. We put our faces on our creations – literally – because we're proud of what we do. We want our work to make not just our customers happy, but also our team members, especially their moms!

Our manufacturing facilities are more akin to bustling kitchens than sterile factories. We prioritize people over machines, employing a dedicated team that pours their passion into every product. This personal touch fosters local job creation and resource utilization. The Mabrooka environment is filled with positivity, where creators take pride in their work and even have their faces displayed on the packaging they craft. We don't see them as "backroom staff," but rather as the shining stars of our kitchen, expertly whipping up fresh, amazing products day in and day out.

That's why each Mabrooka product carries a special sticker featuring the maker's name, face, and the product's creation and expiration dates. It's a way for you to connect directly with the person who brought your favorite product to life!

With manufacturing locations in 6 countries around the world, we're spreading happiness one handcrafted creation at a time.


Mabrooka: Freshness You Can Trust

At Mabrooka, we believe transparency is key. That's why we clearly mark the production date on every product, letting you know exactly how fresh it is.

Our unique approach to innovation prioritizes our skilled workforce over acquiring new machinery. When we develop new creations, we simply train our team members to craft them. Every new skill they acquire paves their way to becoming a "Master Compounder" – a highly respected position within Mabrooka.

These remarkable individuals undergo rigorous training and certification across 20 different departments, a process that can take up to two years to complete. Currently, we boast 14 fully trained Master Compounders globally, and we're actively seeking more across all our manufacturing sites.

Mabrooka fosters a culture of continuous learning. We have a comprehensive training program in place, ensuring all our compounders are constantly upskilling and expanding their knowledge of product ranges and raw materials.

Our dedication to "handmade" extends beyond compounding. Production assistants on the factory floor play a vital role, skillfully pressing, shaping, and wrapping our creations into the beautiful finished products you know and love. Over the years, the complexity, detail, and intricacy of our products have increased, demanding a higher level of skill from our production team. They continuously rise to the challenge, ensuring the quality and care you expect from Mabrooka.

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